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Training Philosophy

I do not utilize one size fits all training approach. Instead, its tailored to the individual dog and owner's goals. The training I offer is a highly customized plan that helps you combine overall lifestyle changes, obedience training, and fun jobs that give your dog purpose. 

I believe that the dog should understand right from wrong and what is expected of them. During the teaching phase of training our goal is to ensure that the dog understands all their obedience commands as well as the house rules that have been established with the owner. Once the dog understands their obedience commands and the house rules, we phase in an appropriate correction for them to understand that the rules will be enforced.

I use a variety of training tools depending on the dog and the specific situation. I will suggest using a crate as part of the solution when a dog is destroying things around the home or having potty training issues. I will work on any collar type of the owners choosing, but I always recommend what I consider the best tool for each particular dog. A very calm dog can do great on a standard buckle collar or harness while a very excitable dog that pulls will probably do much better on a prong collar. If a dog is fearful, we are likely to use lots of treats and really excited voices to try and motivate them and help them overcome their fear. On the other hand, if a dog is extremely excitable, we will focus on calming them down.

I might recommend an electronic/remote training collar for certain situations. 

I love training dogs and I believe every dog can be trained. Feel free to reach out anytime.

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